Handy Vocabulary for You to Know


Tu is the informal version for ‘you’, while dumneavoastră is the more polite version, used for those you are not yet acquainted with.

Nu, mulţumesc

Nu, mulţumesc means ‘No, thank you’. Although an explanation is usually expected in formal situations, this phrase alone will suffice for foreigners.

Te rog or Vă rog

This is how Romanians say ‘please’. While the first version is used with those you are already acquainted with, the latter is reserved for anyone who you haven’t been introduced to yet.

Useful Information About Romanian


Romanian continues a Latin distinction between long o and short u, fused in most other Romance languages, but it has lost the Latin distinction between long e and short i.


In consonant clusters, there has been a tendency to replace velar consonants k and g with labial consonants, such as p, b, or m (e.g., Latin ŏcto ‘eight,’ Romanian opt; Latin cognatum ‘relative, kinsman,’ Romanian cumnat).

Diphthongs And Triphthongs

The Romanian language has many diphthongs (and triphthongs), which are pronounced separately but in rapid succession. The weaker vowel almost becomes semiconsonantal.

Amusing Romanian Idioms

  • 1

    Tace ca porcul în păpușoi

    A Romanian won’t say that he “keeps quiet,” he will say that “he/she is silent like a pig in a cornfield.”

  • 2

    Să știe ca pe Tatăl Nostru

    When a Romanian has to “learn something by heart”, he/she will have to, “know it like the Lord’s Prayer.”

  • 3

    La Paștele cailor

    If a Romanian thinks that a certain thing “will never happen”, he/she will say that it will happen, “at the horse’s Easter.”

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